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The Screte Life of a Pinata

I'm a big fan of films that bring light to Mexican Culture, especially the Piñata (again bias). National Geographic selected The Pinata King for their Short Film Showcase and you see why. 

Filmmakers Paul Storrie, Chris Lee and Charlie Kwai did an amazing job at brining light to a special Mexican town. We meet Francisco Reyes who happily shares his generational piñata family traditions. 

You get to see how the piñata influences Mexican communities and its people. Great short film to watch!

The secret Life of a Piñata

This short animation film will have your routing for the cute burro piñata. It might even convince you to never hit a piñata. 

Filmmakers Alex Hammond, Mark Agneli and director Mike Hollands did an amazing job. This is a great film to watch with your family. Enjoy!

GoPro - Behind the Pinata

GoPro did an amazing job to bring you close and making it feel like your right there with the piñata  Following Hugo Alvarez's and his family on a typical piñata making day, at their Mexico piñata shop. You can see some of the techqnics that Fab Piñatas uses too. Great little short film to also watch!!!

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